Saturday, April 6, 2013

Revamped Bathroom: Project #3 - Shelving Wall Decor

Finally, Project #3. 

In my initial post, "Will you spruce up my bathroom Mom?", I did a mini makeover of my son's bathroom in his rental apartment. His requests were; 1). make it more masculine, 2). use black, 3). make no structural modifications, and 4). work within a shoestring budget. 

In the last two posts I showed you how I made some wall art using thrift store finds and how I upgraded a builder-grade mirror for $18.50. Today I am going to show you how I dressed up the other wall in his bathroom with shelves ($3 each from thrift store), stenciling ($2 craft paint, $5 stencil), and several items that were left over from the Bedroom redo and that were laying around the apartment. 

Here is the finished product.

I found the shelves and other accessories from the local thrift store. The mats were used in project #2 as part of the wall art. To the left are the shelves.

The shelves were very beat up so I revamped them with Valspar Latex Enamel in Satin Black. As mentioned in Mirror project (#1), I was away from home and in a 20-something apartment, and needed a paint that was soap & water washable, (I usually use oil based black paint when painting over wood).

After they dried, I hung them on the wall and arranged a few of my thrift store finds. Something just wasn't right. Hmmmmm???

I sat an stared at them for a while and then I got it. Stenciling was what it needed. Off to Michael's!

I found the perfect stencil and egg plant colored craft paint and headed home. Unfortunately I got so exited I forgot to take pictures of the stenciling process but here is the end result and my attempt at finding just the right arrangement of accessories.

 Not quit right, too sparse.

Getting closer...

By George, I think that's it! Love!!

So what was the $$ damage:
      • Shelves = $3 each x 2 = $6
      • Craft Paint = $2
      • Stencil = $4
      • Black paint & accessories = no charge (on hand) 
For a Grand Total of $12(+tax)

I hope you enjoyed all of the projects that went into my son's Bathroom Revamp including the Mirror Makeover. I truly enjoyed doing this for him and sharing it with you. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line.

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