Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wall Art Inspiration is Everywhere

I am always looking for wall art ideas. Not just framed photos but anything that is beautiful and interesting and can adhere to a wall and fill blank space. I even have a Pinterest board designated just for this purpose. I have found some great ideas online but I have also found some great ideas throughout my daily travels.....hence this post. Below are some unique wall art I have come in contract with including where I found them. Enjoy!

First I will take you back to my son's apartment where we decorated the master bedroom wall with wood planks (blog post here). For the dining room we went for a Los Angeles Street Scene in 1942 Wall Mural from Eazy Wallz. Very Cool!!                                                                                      

About a year and a half ago I became a Real Estate Agent so I have the opportunity to tour many homes and some of the owners are quit talented. Below are two examples. I love the three dimensionality of these designs.

So the other day I had to stopped by my Eye Doctor to have some paperwork filled out and while waiting I used the facilities. Much to my surprise I found this really cool art work. It's a little hard to see but the frame and canvas are not attached but hung to look that way. Again, I love the three dimensionality of this design. Who would have thought I would find inspiration in the Eye Doctor's Bathroom. LOL!!


The area I live is on the east coast, near water and full of little shops. Mostly for tourists but us locals have been known to buy a thing or two (hundred). Here are a few cool pieces I snapped photos of last summer. Unfortunately I can't remember which little shops I was in.....there are so many!

Here are also some links to wall art I have done and blogged about in the past:

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Apartment Master Bedroom OR New York City Hotel Room?

Last week I flew to LA to help my youngest son decorate his apartment. My assignment was to paint an accent wall in the master bedroom and help attach wood wall panels. Since I only had three full days to accomplish this task (and more) I went on the Home Depot website and filled a shopping cart with everything I needed and set it for "pick-up". Of course it was at the Home Depot near where he lived and a few days before my arrival my son went and picked it all up. He also chose the paint that he wanted. Now I am on "Team Sherman Williams" but since his place is a rental no worries if we went off brand. When I landed I found a big box of all my needed supplies waiting for me in the living room, (my son was at work). So....I got right down to it and started working. 

First...painting the accent wall.

Second...attaching the wood wall panels.

I first found the wood wall panels, called walling by this company, and showed them to my son who loved the idea. There are numerous companies out there that sell these self-adhesive (peel-and-stick backing) panels but this company had the best price. Full disclosure; they did not stay up. It might have been because I had painted the wall the day before and it was unseasonably hot those few days, just not sure. For him it was not a big deal anyway because he lives in So. California and due to the occasional earthquake and the placement of the boards over the head of his bed we were planning on placing a few nails anyway. Hence the photo of him with a hammer...haha. So if you are apposed to nailing them up then maybe do a little more research in regard to the adhesive. Also, the panels he chose are the "Genoa -White Oak". for bedding, wall art, end tables and lamps. 
(sorry, no photos of our excursion but you get the gist)

And here it is....the finished room. 

So I ask you...apartment master bedroom or New York City hotel room?


Note: About a month prior to my arrival I started a Pinterest Board so I could share my inspirations to Kyle. He wanted a very sleek and clean look in neutral colors. Below is the board. Trust me when I say I pushed hard for pops of color but he held steadfast with his ideas and I think he hit the nail on the head. 

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