Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bringing the Beach Indoors

While thrifting I'm always on the lookout for items with a beach theme. I have found (and made) many things over the past year and today, with the heat rising, I brought them up out of the basement to assemble in my home.

I tried to find as many arrangements as possible using these things. 
Here they are...


 Click HERE for tutorial of Beachy Vase

 Click HERE for tutorial for this Coast Candle

 Here is the final arrangement for our mantel....

Now I really want to jump in the car and head for the beach!!!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pinterest "Stuff for Me"

I'm not sure if it's the summer heat or an over active on-the-job, brain but my creative juices have been a little thin over the past few weeks. I think its the sun and warm breezes of summer that make me a little unfocused in regard to my coming up with new projects. Or maybe it's because I'm somewhat overwhelmed with all the natural beauty of the season. No worries...the juices will flow again and for now I'm just going to soak up and enjoy the world around me. While waiting I'll share my Pinterest board of "stuff" I save "Just for Me"

Monday, June 24, 2013

Front Porch Makeover #1

When we moved into our home three years ago I began a love hate relationship with the front porch. I love that we have one. I hate that it’s enclosed (not as nice to look at from the front), I love that it’s enclosed (really enjoy sitting out there in the rain), I hate the carpet (it’s really ugly), I love that it’s carpeted (the concrete underneath is a mess). Because of this battle between my ears I have had a hard time settling on a d├ęcor. I like what I have come up with so far but it’s not perfect yet.  Hence the title “Front Porch Makeover #1”…there will definitely be a #2 and I am hoping for your suggestions. So here goes (including links to various projects from the past). Enjoy!


Before & After

Projects and Finds...

3. Thrift store find for $3
4. Old dated lamp turned modern with spay paint

A close up pic...

Oh yea...I found this wicker rocker at a church flee market for $25.

Now, for the future porch makeover are a few inspirational pics. 
What about paining the wicker chairs green?

I love the red, white, blue and yellow.

I love the blue on the walls and especially the floor. Painting the floor is an options. Thoughts?

I think the screens are way cool and of course love the colors.

Always attracted to the simplicity of blue and white.

This is probably my favorite front porch. I think my wicker would look great in a natural color and of course I love the red.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hydrangea Support

One of the things I love about summer is the abundance of available fresh flowers that can be clipped and brought into the home. I have two large hydrangea bushes in my yard and I start clipping the flowers as soon as possible to bring inside and display all over the house. 

My one pet peeve about Hydrangeas is that they always seem to display better on the bush then in the vase. They are pretty heavy and tend to droop making arranging them a challenge.


To make the best of my arrangements I came up with this idea. 

First, I cut a piece of chicken wire about 1" larger than the vase.

Next I began placing the stems inside the vase using the chicken wire holes as a guide. I placed the stems that drooped the most on the outside using the 1" chicken wire that extends beyond the top of the vase to give some support. 

After inserting all of the stems into the vase I flipped the droopers up. Hopefully the following will make sense.

First...find the droopers

Then, buy rolling the stem between my fingers I flip the drooped flower up. The chicken wire holds them in place.

I did this to all of the droopers pulling the entire arrangement together. 

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The vase was a redo...want see more? Click here.


Monday, June 17, 2013

“What can I add this duct tape to?”

This weekend I was in the hardware store ordering mulch for delivery and while waiting for the paperwork to be completed I came across a really cool Duct Tape. I used decorated duct tape once before for the Red,White and Blue Wreath and really wanted to use it again but had no ideas at the time of purchase. Once home I went through the house with only one thought in mind…

“What can I add this duct tape to?”

Here is what I came up with. Pretty cool tape huh?



Here are some other ideas from...

 How many more ideas can you come up with? 
Let me know and as always thanks for visiting.