Thursday, April 4, 2013

Revamped Bathroom: Project #1 - Mirror Makeover

In my last post "Will you spruce up my bathroom Mom?" I did a mini makeover of my son's bathroom in his rental apartment. The guidelines I needed to follow were to 1). make it more masculine, 2). use black, 3). make no structural modifications, and 4). work within a shoestring budget.

Here is the before/after:

The first project I tackled was the mirror. As in most rental apartment bathrooms there is a builder-grade mirror glued to the wall. My plan was to frame it but I had to figure out a way to do this so that it would be easily removed when my son moves. I also had that pesky budget restraint

I found these wood strips at Michael's. 

I painted the front, sides, and back of each one with Valspar, Satin Black, Latex Enamel*, (on hand from the bedroom makeover project)Remember, I am away from home and in a 20-something apartment, hence the "latex" choice. I am more a fan of oil based black paint but for this project soap & water washable paint was necessary.
 *When painting wood to be adhered to a mirror, always paint the back so that when it is attached the reflection of the back of the wood matches the front and will blend.

Here is a photo of the wood drying.
Again, because I had limited work space, I started by painting most of each piece. The tops in this picture are unpainted so I could lean them against the concrete wall safely. After they dried I turned them around and painted the rest. I finished with a coat of Valspar Clear Sealer in Satin (also at no cost since I used this for the bedroom makeover project  and sorry, no pic). the heck to attach the wood to the mirror so that they can be easily removed when it's time to move?

I found "Glue Dots" at Michael's ($4.50)...let's see if this works? For more information on this item click HERE.

I followed the instructions. They go on really easy.

The first piece after installation.

Luckily 3 of the wood pieces fit perfectly and I only had to cut one piece (the bottom). I used a small wood cutting saw.*

And here is the finished product. The Glue Dots worked great. I did put on a lot of them just in case. Will have to wait to see if they pass the test of time (and humidity of a bathroom). Cross your fingers.

The total for this project was: 
  • Wood = $3.50 ea x 4 = $14
  • Glue Dots = $4.50
  • Paint & Sealer = no charge (on hand) 
Drum roll please.......$18.50 + tax
*I purchased the small cutting saw while visiting with the intent of adding it to my tool collection at back home. I did not factor the one time price of this tool into the total cost.

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  1. I love this...let me know if the glue dots hold up. We have this style mirror in the 'kids' bathroom and I'd like to do this same thing. Guess I'll wait until after August though so I know what color I'm going to do...depends on if this is a girl or boy :-)

    1. I only used the glue dots because it is a rental apartment. You should use a clear epoxy in a home you own. Congrats on the newest addition. You are blessed regardless of girl or boy. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Nice framing of the mirror. Looks great!

    1. Thanks Audra, I really appreciate you visiting.

  3. I strongly dislike my apartment mirror and want to do this! How did the glue dots hold up with the humidity in the bathroom?