Monday, April 1, 2013

Inspiration = Consideration

As most of you know by now we bought or 1951 Cape in June of 2010. I wanted a new townhouse and my husband wanted an older home so we compromised. He got the older single family home and I got an agreement that we could remodel within the next five years to bring it up to my standards. The thing is that since I have lived in this wonderful home my standards have changed.  I am no longer obsessed with everything new but more in keeping the past alive. We have not really done any modifications yet (financial downsize, furlough, job loss, sick dog, new starter, and on and on…you get the picture; life happens) but I continue to keep my eye out for photographs that attract me. I have many. For this post I will share what I have decided so far (maybe). Creating a home is a challenge that I wouldn’t want to miss out one. Enjoy!

The Current Layout:

So you see it is a small home and making the most of the space is at the top of the list. One of my favorite things about this house is all the wood work. I kinda wish the stain was a little darker but that is not a priority at this time. Just something to keep in the back of my mind. I have so many items on my wish list but will save that for another post. 

My inspirations photos (so far) and what they have made me consider...

 considering: painting the fireplace
UPDATE Click HERE (I did it)

 considering: making the unfinished attic space MY own personal walk-in closet

considering: opening up the wall between the dining room and kitchen 

 considering: making the front porch (it's enclosed) an extended living space
UPDATE  Click HERE (getting started)

 considering: making one of the bedrooms an office

considering: updating the finished attic space into another living space OR...

...a guest bedroom, hmmmmm??

 considering: finishing off the basement and adding more living and storage space


So, you can see my brain has it's hands full (LOL). 
Any suggestions would be most appreciated. 

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  1. You have a lovely blog! My lounge/dining room/kitchen has the exact same lay-out as yours .. one into the other into the next :-) Can't wait to see how your plans will unfold. Good luck with all the choices !