Monday, April 15, 2013

One Door Opens!

Wow, God has been good. It started out on Saturday when I went back to the Barn Sale that is still housing my two dressers, (having trouble finding a truck). Of course I just had to do a little picking and I rounded up a host of treasures.

Ok, I digress. Anyway, while there I started talking to Bonnie, the wonderful woman who hosts the Barn Sale every Saturday. She started telling me about the Antique Store that she was preparing to open next Friday. One thing lead to another and she invited me to come by the shop on Sunday and take a look at the space as a possible place to sell my painted furniture.  

So...on Sunday, I made the trip to Galesville....

....found this amazing little shop,....

 ...and now have a spot to sell my furniture. 
 So on next Friday, April 19th, Painted Charm will begin being sold at....

Here is a sneak peak. There's not much there yet as this all happened so fast but there will be. 
I have to make a few more trips after work this week. 

During the past few months I have had several doors shut. 
This weekend, as it is said, one door opened!

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