Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn Update for Your Lampshade

While decorating for Halloween and hanging my Halloween wreath on the front door I decided to take it one step further and give my front porch a little bit of autumn. 
Here is a picture of my front porch...very summery huh. 

I love the bright colors for the summer but also want to make the porch just as inviting in the fall.

To start I decided to change the lamp.

The lamp and shade were purchased from the thrifts store. The lamp was used but in good condition but the shade was brand new. Both attractive but a little boring. So......

I tied an orange ribbon around the base. The ribbon is left over from my wedding (3 years ago). I definitely over bought that ribbon and am always looking for a way to use it. 

Next, I added a touch of fall with fabric leaves, 
(also left over from the wedding crafts). 

To bring in the Halloween spirit I stuck in a pumpkins stick (a bag of 8 at the dollar store). When Halloween is over I can pull it out. Or...maybe just keep it as it.

Here is the finished lamp and shade in its new home on my front porch.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Crock Pot Roundup

Cooler temperatures have definitely arrived in my town. Last Thursday was the first day I had to scrape my car windows. No complaints though because the days are still delightful. I actually love the change of season and welcome the cold, especially when it snows. And what better than a hearty meal cooking in the crock-pot just waiting to warm the family at the end of a cold day.  Yum!

In preparation for those cold days ahead I decided to share a roundup of the crock-pot receipts I have posted in the past. 



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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013


Can you believe that Halloween is already here. This month has flown by. I have been a bit lax with my blog posting but for good reasons (stay tuned) but just had to post in celebration of one of my favorite holidays. I hope you all have a great and safe Halloween. Enjoy!!


Hand-Made Halloween Mug

Hand-Made Halloween Dish

Halloween Cake

 Costumes through the years....
Zombie and Flapper
Cotton Candy
Witch and Dracula
Sonny and Cher

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Berlin Maryland

About a month ago we traveled to the beach for my husband’s convention. We do this trip every September and I have developed a routine to keep myself busy during the days when he is off doing his convention stuff. This year I drove to the town of Berlin for a day of shopping. 
Berlin is one of the coolest little towns I have ever been too. So cool in fact that Hollywood used the town as the American backdrop for the movies “Runaway Bride” (1999) and Tuck Everlasting (2002). Remember “Hale Maryland”? This poster hangs on the wall of their local diner.

 Here's an interesting fact...Berlin is famous for Hale Peach which might just be why they called the town "HALE" in the Movie

 While most of the glitz of those times is gone I did find a bit of memorabilia (and an amazing hamburger) at Rayne's Reef, which was named the “Falcon Diner” in Runaway Bride. 
  In reality...

In the movie...(obviously on a set and not the real building)

According to their website, this little luncheonette and soda fountain has been a part of Berlin for over 100 years. I recommend the hamburger; they actually scoop up fresh ground beef and hand make each patty. No frozen meat there. You must try one of the many selections of ice cream too.
Here are a few more pics.....
 Shots of the interior and the little elements that make it so unique...
Love the red walls!

My favorite seafoam color


Pics from their website..

The memorabilia...

If you are familiar with the movie you will remember one of the main characters Maggie (Julia Roberts) lived in the town in a two story near a train track. Here's the house today...
This is the house next door. Such a cute street!

There are a lot of really cool homes in Berlin but before showing those pics I want to share the amazing Hotel that sits on Main street; the Atlantic Hotel. It was also in the movie but definitely not what makes it impressive. See for yourself...

Another photo I found taken during the making of the movie. The hotel is in the background. Do you recognized those two men?

Now, on to the reason for my trip...antiquing!

I was searching for a ceramic turkey and anything else that I would fit in my car (LOL). Here are a few pics of the shops.....

...and I found it!

Here are some more photographs of the streets that I think give a real feel of the town...

Berlin Shoe Box & Shoe Repair Service

 If you get a chance to go to Berlin, definitely stop by Cupcakes in Bloom...Yummy!!!

Berlin Fiddlers Convention

And one of my favorite aspects of the town...the houses!

I imagine what it would be like to live in Berlin Maryland and did a search of recently sold homes. Maybe someday we will. 

 Hope you enjoyed this post!
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