Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wedding Crafts

Two and a half years ago I married my best friend. I had been a single mom for many years and one day I traveled out of town with friends and met my husband. He too was vacationing and lived just a few block from me in the city back home. Our paths had never crossed until that day. That was in June of 2008 and in November of 2010 we were married.

To save money I hand crafted almost every detail of the wedding and especially the reception. To be honest, if I had had a million dollar budget I would have still hand crafted because I just love to put my personal touch on everything. I had as much fun pulling it all together as I did on the actual day. Now don't get me wrong, marrying my husband was the best part but looking around on that day and seeing all the love I had put into that wedding made it even more special.

Here are a few of the hand crafted items I made for my wedding. Enjoy!

A. I found these little translucent bags and filled them with candy that was wrapped to match or theme and included or names and the wedding date. 

B. I designed the menus on my computer and printed them out on a 100# stock with color ink. The venue folded the napkins. 

C. I found these little gold boxes online, the ribbon at the fabric store and the stickers came from the company that printed the invitations. The boxes were filled with nuts.

Sequence glued to the bottom of my shoes.

The wedding program. Card stock, leaves left over from the table center piece, ribbon, scrap book paper, and lots and lots of rubber cement. Oh yea...and lots of hole punching and assembly. Many nights sitting in front of HGTV punching holes and assembling.

Guest gifts; Mason jars filled with a cornbread recipe, (recipe instructions were placed under the lid).

The centerpiece; Foam pumpkins glued on the top of gold candleholders filled with silk flowers and leaves. 

Note: sticking out from the arrangement I placed a card with the name of the table. Each table was named after a place we had visited during our courtship. This table was "San Antonio Texas". The photo at the base of the arrangement was taken while we were there.

Not a great picture but the little wagon held cards that had pre-printed questions for the quests to answer giving the bride and groom words of inspiration for a long loving marriage. After they were all collected they were placed in the album (shown) along with pictures taken by the guest with the disposable cameras on each table. One of my favorite memories. 

 The Cake; Yes, I made it
The leaves, acorns, and pumpkins were hand made in advance with gum paste.

Foam pumpkins from the craft store and a black magic marker.

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  1. Wow! So many incredible ideas and beautiful touches. I love the sequins on the shoes ~ fun! :)

    The cake is stunning! How in the world did you do all the trims for it? I think that the personal touches all combined make for not only a wedding of memories but creating them as you went along. Not one thing was left undone ~ :) The gifts for your guests rock!


    1. Thanks Pat. It was fun to do all of those crafts and it did make for great memories. I made the pumpkins, leaves, and acorns ahead of time with gum paste. It was my first time using gum paste and I really liked the results. Thanks for visiting. --Debbie