Friday, April 12, 2013

Spray Painted Slender Vase

Wow..Friday seemed to take forever but I am glad it's finally here. I hope you all had a great week. One thing that made this week so nice was our weather. We actually had a string of Summer like days with temperatures in the high 80's. Of course that has made my spring bulbs come alive faster. I love looking out the window at my daffodils and tulips but I also like to bring some inside to place around the house. 

For my first display of the season I used one of my slender vases (left over from my daughter's bridal shower). I love the shape and they are wonderful to use with two or three flowers. Of course I couldn't leave good enough alone and combined my love of those little vases with my bigger love of spray paint. Here's what came out of a manic spray paint session (LOL).

Sorry, but I got so excited at the use of multiple colors that I did not take any pics of the process so I will just explain:

Spray paint in the following order. I let the paint dry completely after the primer but not so much after the colors. The wrinkle effect occurred with the first color sprayed over the primer and continued more after each of the other colors.
  •  Spray painted with Primer - (Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer), covered the entire surface
  • Spray painted with Yellow - (RustOleum), covered the entire surface
  • Spray painted with Green - (Krylon), covered the entire surgace
  • Spray painted with Pink - (RustOleum), only in spirts

Close up of the effects made by spraying the color over the huh!

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  1. Have you ever done anything with an old 4-pane window? I have one from my grandparents old farm house and have gotten some ideas from pinterest but was wondering if you have anything in your arsenal of past projects???

    1. No, I have yet to come across such a treasure. Send me a pic of your final project and I will make a guest post. Would love to share your talent (already posted the brownie pops). Any time you have something you want to share just send it my way.

  2. Thanks, Debbie! It'll probably be a craft time is very limited lately. And...this is very special to me so I want it to be just right :-)