Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chalkboard Paint Projects

Ever since I heard about chalk paint I've been hooked. At the time I was decorating my kitchen nook to have the feel of a coffee shop. My plan was to make a chalkboard like the ones that we all see at that most famous coffee house from Seattle. I ended up moving before I completed that project but still have the Liquid Chalk and wanted to finally try it out. Below are five ideas that I came up with.  
How about you, how many more ways can you use chalk paint?

#1 - A Plaque

 I am using my plaque at my front door to greet visitors.  
The message can be changed with Liquid chalk remover.

#2 - Picture Frames
I painted some old frames for the purpose of this project. That's my daughters kindergarden class (in 1988 not 2013). It really is my son's fourth grade school picture (he's now 23, see pic below) and the art work was made on the computer just for fun. You get the idea right? 

#3 - Pot
Obviously this is not my idea as I have seen it on many sites. 
Just wanted to show the green color liquid chalk and add it to the list.

#4 - Coffee Pot

This one I will use. 
At the Church's women's meeting on Thursday nights we are always asking "is this one decaf?". 
Problem solved!

#5 - Vase (Gift)
 This one is my favorite. I am going to give this to my granddaughter to give to her teacher. Of course anything could be written on the base; Happy Mother's Day, Get Well, Happy Birthday, etc. I will be making many more of these. 

Hope I've inspired you to use chalk paint. Have fun!!

Thanks for visiting
P.S. - Here is my son today. He has grown into such a fine young man. 


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