Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mod Coffee Table

I just love it when I scratch something off my to-do list. Today I finished one of those projects that started out seeming easy but ended up taking much longer than expected. 

Here is the before & after of my Modern Coffee Table

I found this little table looking pretty sick but with good bones (and for only $10) and decided to enhance its modern design. The delay was directly related to my need to try new techniques. I wanted this table to have a modern flare and decided to spray paint the base and legs and strip and finish the top. 
 I first spray painted the base and legs with Zinsser Cover Stain Primer followed by numerous coats of Rust-Oleum Semi-Gloss in Black (light sanding between coats).  

While the base and legs dried I sanded and stained the top. This is where I ran into trouble. The first time I sanded I did not get all the way down to the original wood and it really showed once I stained it. I tried to cover the imperfections with a darker stain but it ended up too dark to sit over a black base and it some of the old oil bleeds from the wood still came through.One area actually looked like a hand print and I swear it was not mine.

 So, I waited for a warm day (last Sunday) and striped and sanded the top again. This time I got down to the base wood and when I reapplied the stain it looked beautiful. 
I know, I know...its all in the prep. Ok, lesson learned. 
I stained the top with Rust-Olean's American Walnut and protected this awesome finish with Polyacrylic. And here she is restored with a touch of MOD!

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 P.S. You can find the tutorial for the Mercury Glass Vase HERE

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  1. That is beautiful! It looks perfect on the living room along with the red couch! It is absolutely nice. I want to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration and instructions!