Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wall Art Inspiration is Everywhere

I am always looking for wall art ideas. Not just framed photos but anything that is beautiful and interesting and can adhere to a wall and fill blank space. I even have a Pinterest board designated just for this purpose. I have found some great ideas online but I have also found some great ideas throughout my daily travels.....hence this post. Below are some unique wall art I have come in contract with including where I found them. Enjoy!

First I will take you back to my son's apartment where we decorated the master bedroom wall with wood planks (blog post here). For the dining room we went for a Los Angeles Street Scene in 1942 Wall Mural from Eazy Wallz. Very Cool!!                                                                                      

About a year and a half ago I became a Real Estate Agent so I have the opportunity to tour many homes and some of the owners are quit talented. Below are two examples. I love the three dimensionality of these designs.

So the other day I had to stopped by my Eye Doctor to have some paperwork filled out and while waiting I used the facilities. Much to my surprise I found this really cool art work. It's a little hard to see but the frame and canvas are not attached but hung to look that way. Again, I love the three dimensionality of this design. Who would have thought I would find inspiration in the Eye Doctor's Bathroom. LOL!!


The area I live is on the east coast, near water and full of little shops. Mostly for tourists but us locals have been known to buy a thing or two (hundred). Here are a few cool pieces I snapped photos of last summer. Unfortunately I can't remember which little shops I was in.....there are so many!

Here are also some links to wall art I have done and blogged about in the past:

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