Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to take a break from blogging (without losing readers)

Blog Challenge #25

It happens. There are times when you need to take a break from blogging. Whether your creative juices have stopped flowing, or writers block as taken up resident in your brain or you just need to take a vacation (from blogging or literally) you just need to step away from the keyboard. ‘

For me I recently found myself forced with feeling like posting something subpar was better than posting nothing at all (have definitely done both LOL). This is one reason I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge and so far it’s been a good experience. I am now wondering if I should take time from blogging to reset my blogging clock. I feel the need to regroup. Still not sure but for this reason I decided to research (and share) what I think is the best way to go about taking a break from blogging (without losing readers).

If you find yourself in this place I hope this information helps and if you’re not there at this time PIN this post for later. According to my research, every blogger struggles with this issue at some point. 

#1 Schedule Blog Posts In Advance

There are definitely pros and cons to this. On the one hand it guarantees fresh posts during your absence and makes your absence less noticeable.

The con is that you have to do a work like a maniac during the weeks leading up to your break. Also, this really only works for a short term absence like a vacation and is not great for a longer hiatus.

Tips for making the task of scheduling blog posts in advance easier:

Schedule "Summary Posts" - a round-up of your best links from previous posts. 

Republish old posts - the ones you wrote back in the early days of your blog when only a few people even knew you had a blog. Share those old posts and give your current readers the chance to see what they missed. Let your readers know you are posting some of your "oldies but goodies". 

#2 Ask for Guest Posts

Reach out to your blogger friends with the request for a "Guest Post". A fresh face on your blog will bring new eyes to both your blog and theirs. Plus, you can return the favor when you get back to the blogging which will generate even more attention to your blog.  

Besides asking other bloggers you could also ask your readers if they are interested in posting for you during your time away. This allows those who read your blog but don’t have their own blog the opportunity to try their hand at blogging.

#3 Come Clean

Tell them! If you don’t tell your readers that you are taking a break from blogging, they might get annoyed and tired of checking your blog for new content, and even stop looking for it after a while. Tell them you are taking a break…honesty is the best policy after all and the hype of return might just make your readers excited to come back. (see below “Tips for the Return”). Drop hints as to what they might expect when you return. 

Tips for the return 

Just like your favorite TV shows, time away gives you the opportunity to come back with fresh material. While away, reinvent yourself. Time away gives you the perfect opportunity to reinvent your blog. A change in direction, a new format, a bigger and better comeback. Take this time to prepare for an enhancement of what you have already started. Bigger might just be better in this case.


Structure you break by giving yourself a deadline and share this target date with your readers. Make sure you have given yourself the time you need so that your comeback date is doable. 

Now...if it's needed, Go Take That Break!

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