Monday, January 6, 2014

5 things in my work bag (the blog challenge continues)

Hello and Happy Monday. I hope you are having a wonderful start to beginning of this week. As promised I am moving forward with my Blog Challenge. (Here for the details).


#6 Monday Lists: 5 things in my work bag
(besides the obvious wallet and sunglasses)

1. Advocare Fiber Drink Dietary Fiber Supplement

 Herbal Cleanse 
One of the gals who works with me started loosing weight like crazy. When I asked her what she was doing she said eating less and better food and exercising daily. No big surprise huh. Then she told me she started her weight loss with a "cleans" using this Fiber Drink Dietary Fiber Supplements. I liked the effects but will probably go back to Metamucil (it's cheaper and available at the grocery store). 

2. Radio Shack Stereo Amplified Listener

I carry this amplifier in my bag so that when I go and visit my mother she can hear me when we talk. She is very hard of hearing and continues to misplace hers so we (her children) each have one.  This little devise has changed our lives. Her hearing aides never worked well but this little amplifier is amazing. I remember the first time she used one it was like having my mother back...she could hear everything I said.

3. Tennis Elbow Brace

Yes, I have tennis elbow and I don't even play tennis. I developed Lateral Epicondylitis (the medical name) during the years I owned a pottery studio. The process of dipping the bisque and loading the kiln, which requires an arm rotation, took its toll on my tendons and now I carry a brace for times when the pain flares. I usually need to wear it in the summer when I am more active.  Actions like pulling weeds really cause discomfort. Activities like bowling will also cause pain if I don't wear the brace.

4. MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

Ok...truth; I hate water. Never have like it ever. This product is a God sent for me. I actually look forward to a bottle of water several drops of MiO added. There are a number of flavors and I haven't found one I don't like. Try them, there great!!

5. Measuring Tape

For measuring stuff. From furniture I find at the thrift store (will that fit?) to random pieces of wood at the hardware store. I am never without a tape measure. 

Now...what 5 things are in your bag?

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