Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dogs have birthdays too!

That's right...dogs have birthdays too. Unfortunately for my little four legged girl, we forgot hers. To make up for this I am dedicating a blog post to our precious little Buttons for her 6th (or 8th or 9th) birthday which was on January 2nd. 

Happy (Belated) Birthday Buttons

Why don't I know her exact age you ask? 
Well, she was a rescue pup and January 2nd 2011 was the day she came home with us. The people who gave her up reported that she was "around 3 years old" but the vet thought, after examining her teeth, that she was around 5 or 6, making her 8 or 9. 

Why did we choose Buttons as her name?
Buttons was the name she came with and answered to and besides that, it seemed to fit her. We toyed with the idea of changing it but never did. It fits her perfect as she is a little button. I actually tend to call her...butt butt. 

What bread is Buttons?
We think she is a full bread Jack Russell Terrier but, as a rescue dog, there are no papers.



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