Monday, December 2, 2013

Retro Christmas

Ok...I have to confess. I am a bit obsessed with anything retro. I was not even alive in the 50's but I feel a real connection. Maybe it's because my mom and dad were what was consider at the time "older parents" (late 30's, LOL) and lived through a depression and world war. My earliest memories of my home had that 50's decor, even though those memories were mid 60's. I have seen countless black and white photographs of my parents when they were dating in the 50's and they were always smiling. 
I assume the reason I associate the 50's with happiness is deep rooted from childhood.  Or, maybe I am getting nostalgic in my old age. Whatever the reason I have decided that that year I am going to have a 1950's inspired Christmas. 

Here are a few pics that have that 50's vintage vibe....

Stay tuned for more. Please share any links to ideas too.
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PS..This was the doll I wanted when I was a kid. Santa brought her to me too! Check out the commercial video.

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