Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dressing Table

Hello to you all. I hope you had a very happy holiday. We have been very busy in our home. On the day after Thanksgiving ( Friday) we started our kitchen remodel. I know...CRAZY right? It has been a long month but we are almost done and the kitchen was useable for Christmas Eve dinner. There is a punch list that will be completed over the next several weeks but overall things have unfolded nicely. And yes...there will be a post to reveal.

Until then I would like to share some of the projects inspired by my New Boudoir

I wanted an old fashioned dressing table and found this desk at the thrift store. Sorry for the photo...cell phone shot. I forgot to take another picture but I think you get the idea.


It was a bit beat up and the once beautiful wood overlay was mostly gone leaving a shadow of what once was. Before I got started I found these at the hardware store and they worked well as a replacement. 

The hardware was original but rusty so I sprayed all with silver spray paint.

I used a leftover home made chalk paint in very light blue (almost grey). I wanted more of a washed look and using only one coat of paint did the trick. To add more character I used a dark wax in random places. I finished with a clear wax on all areas except the top where I used a polyacrylic. 

Here are some more pics....  


Stay tuned for more projects from my Boudoir!
Thanks for visiting,
PS...a sneak peak of the kitchen reno;


  1. This is so pretty. I would love to find a table like this and work some makeover magic like you did!

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