Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Farm House Chair

On one of my routine trips to the thrift store I walked past this chair several times. It has two spindles missing but other than that is in pretty good shape but I passed it by. I did this dance several more times on different days and still did not buy it. Then I came across these inspirational posts from Vintage Charm & Restoration and went back to the store to get my girl.....

Once I got her home I couldn't decide exactly what to do with her so I gave her a temporary spot in the family room. I like to place my pieces in a area in our home where they can be seen and become a part of the family (so to speak). Having a piece of furniture living with me on a daily basis gives them a life of their own helping me to determine their future. 

Here she is (yes...this one is a "she")....

So you can see that the spindles have been replaced in the picture above. I forgot to take a before-before or pre-spindle insertion photo...whooops! Below is the transformation;

During the spindle surgery I found portions of split 
wood in the area of the hole and repaired it with wood filler:

So, at this point I just knew that the inspiration piece had me 
and that my little farm chair would look best in a shade of turquoise.  

Because I wanted a soft finish I decided to use Chalk Paint but I didn't have any ASCP in that color.  

Ahhh, a predicament you say? Well, not so. 

I did a blog search and found a great BLOG (including recipes) for making my own.  
(Thanks Diane... I'm now a follower too).
 I used the non-sanded grout recipe and it worked great. 

(Best jar of Prego ever...LOL)
This picture was taken late (yes I stayed up till midnight on this one..yawn),  
after paint/stain but before wax.

 And after waxing....

Isn't she pretty?
I think she needs a cushion. Off to the sewing machine.

    a recap......


  1. Love that chair and the sewing box! You are lucky to be able to go back to the Thrift Store and find her still there!

  2. Thanks Marian, I think the poor little chair looked so dated and broken that it was passed over. I even passed by it several times on different occasions. I am lucky and I hope to find her a good home soon.