Monday, September 3, 2012

What to do, what to do?

Last weekend I finished painting my living room. All except the wall that goes up the stairs. I want to do an accent wall but think that more red would be a bit too much (see pic below). My inspiration is this photograph: The color is a little off in the picture but I think you get the idea. I love the brown, red and green.

Below is the wall with both colors painted. 

The color of the rest of the living room is SW 6121 Whole Wheat. I think I have decided on one of these two colors: SW 0042 Ruskin Room Green (left) vs SW 7727 Kio Pond. (right)

Whole Wheat on accent wall

 The reason I don't think red would be a good color is that my dining room, adjacent to the living room but farthest away from the stairs, is red, cream, and white. There is a lot of wood throughout the home too so that's the brown. The red is Sherwin Williams SW 7582-Salute (see photo below)

 Just in case you are interested...the chairs are from Target, the table was a originally part of the set that matches the light colored server that I painted from instruction found on pinterest from a blog that is no longer pinned. I will try to remember and post at a later date. 

So for now I will just live with the two colors and see which one sticks. Today I am leaning toward Ruskin Room Green. Will post the final pics in about two weeks once completed.

Oh yea... Once I finish painting I will add pictures the entire way down. And I do have to give credit for the idea of the photo wall to Sarah at The Birds Papaya. It fabulous.


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