Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's Been A While!

Wow...I just received a message on one of my pages and realized I stopped blogging about a year and a half ago. Honestly, there was no real reason why I stopped, at least not one that I can remember. I do recall feeling overwhelmed after I did the blog challenge; it really was a challenge and it ended up not being fun. Coming up with something to post daily for 31 days was hard and a little boring toward the end. I ran out of ideas to post and that was frustrating. I do remember thinking I would take a brake but not for over a year. As you can see I did post a few times after but my I guess I just lost my motivation somewhere along the way. Even as I write this post I wonder what I will write about moving forward. I have continued to read other blogs and I am impressed by those who post daily. I actually look forward to a couple of bloggers' daily posts and am disappointing when they miss a day or two. I often do something or see something or learn something and think to myself "I should blog about that" but those times are far from daily or even weekly so to start blogging again will require effort coming up with what to share. Is my well dry? 

Of course over the last year and a half there have been many small and significant life events in between the big ones. Birthday parties, holiday gatherings, community outings and lots of time with my granddaughters including a weekly adventure that we call "Kids Day Out". I continue to be crafty in and around my home and have even started crocheting and sewing more. Maybe I do have some ideas to blog about....Hmmm! I think I might be back.

So...while I ponder to blog or not to blog (at least on a committed regular basis) I will share some of the big events that have happened since I last blogged. 

In August of 2014 just days before her 92nd birthday my beloved mother passed away. She suffered from Alzheimers for over a year and God finally called her home. As hard as it was to say goodbye it was a relief to know she was Home. 

On Thanksgiving day of that same year my four legged daughter, Chloe, also went Home. God blessed me with her presence for over 15 years. She is missed daily, especially by her partner in crime Buttons, who is still trying to adjust. 

In December of 2014 I stepped away from a 31 year career in healthcare and became a Real Estate Agent which is what I am doing now. There is a lot to that story so I will save the details for another post. This is a photo of me at work during my first year of nursing. I bet you can tell the decade by the hair. LOL!

This past November I celebrated fives years of marriage to my best friend. I still pinch myself. We bought a Butterfly Bush to celebrate which also has a story that I will also save for another post. 

See you Soon!!!

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