Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inspiration from the Beach

This past weekend we attended an event at a beach I have been to many times since a child. Like all the other years I recognized many of the same familiar things...stores, eateries, arcades, and so on, but this year it dawned on me how long they have remained the same. Not only are the structures the same but the smells (love funnel cakes) and the colors are also the same and part of my memory. Below I have shared a few of the picture I took that might inspire me during my home decorations.

#1 - Boogie Boards.......


From Mad About Hue, Westchester Magazine.

from Houzz
blue bedroom Colorful Home Tour:  Jamie Levitt

A guest room from The Decorologist

aqua hot pink - live like you

Chic hot pink and cool blue living room.

#2 Waffle Cone..............

from Houzz (Benjamin More Peanut Butter)



#3 Jelly Beans...........

Don't you just love the color (and taste) of jelly beans.  These photos where shot at a candy store on the boardwalk. I did resist the jelly beans but not the chocolate covered graham crackers at the store a few feet down.

How great would it be to have a laundry room decorated in colors of jelly beans?

PB Ironing Board Covers



#4 Salt Water Taffy



 orange dresser
What's not to love about a hot pink velvet chair? 


to be continued......

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