Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Living Room Makeover Designed on Polyvore

I Love Polyvore because I can design using photographs of what I have and of anything else out on the web that can be seen and clipped to Polyvore. If you're not familiar with this very cool site check it our HERE

My Living Room Makeover

This was my inspiration pic....
love everything about this room, especially the dog.

In this design I clipped my end tables and found everything else either already uploaded to Polyvore of online. 

Not all of the items I use to create the picture are ones that I am going to buy. The great thing about Polyvore is that I can design my collage using anything I can find on the site or online, regardless of the price. Once I get the collage just the way I want it I begin the search to find a similar item that is less costly. Sometimes I find the exact same item for a better price too. That's always great. 

I used fabric swatches to make the curtains in the collage and later found the curtains in the fabric I chose at Pier 1 imports online. 

The lamps in the collage I fudged by using two different photos I found under the Home-Lighting Category on Polyvore. I purchased my actual lamps at Goodwill and took the photo of one of the two with my phone and posted to Instagram. Unfortunately you can't clip photos from Instagram onto Polyvore. Below is the photo. I love their mid-century look. I am in the process of finding the perfect lamp shade so stay tuned. I actually changed the collage with a different shade than the one in the original photo above. 

The chair I fell in love with but it's on back order until September. I emailed the furniture company and requested a fabric sample. My husband thinks it's too bright so maybe I will find something else in the mean time. 

For my coffee table I want something like this table from Crate & Barrel. It's a little pricey though so still thinking it through. 

The canvas art I got for Christmas several years ago but it's still available. My husband rides a motorcycle so it was a great gift that works well with our decor. 

Life Needs More Green Lights New Art Canvas Rodney White

The sunburst mirror is great but out of my price range so will probably do a DIY project to recreate. 

Vintage Star Shaped Mirror 6010000037

Oh yea...the white sofa is what I would like to buy when it's time. For now the red sofa we have is fine but I wanted to make sure a white one will work with all the other elements. You can buy that couch here

Cindy Crawford Home Hadly Sofa

Soon I will post the final results. See you then!

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