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Friday, March 29, 2013

Coastal Candle Decor

Good morning and Happy Friday! 

Tomorrow I am traveling to the West Coast for a visit with my son. He lives fairly close to the ocean and I try to go there at least once while I’m visiting. I am excited to see him and to feel a bit of warm weather (cold spring here on the East Coast). With that in mind what better time to share one of my home decors made almost entirely from items purchased from the Dollar Store. The total cost was $7 (plus tax of course). Enjoy my Coastal Candle Decor!


I played around a lot knotting the twine until I came up with this pattern. 
With the help of glue stick dots, especially inside the knots, it worked out well.

Next I dug out the shells I collected from our summer vacation and the bag of sand left over from the Jar Keepsake project. For this part I just filled the container half way with sand and laid the shells randomly. 

And then I place the knotted candle holder over the sand and shell holder....
.....and VoilĂ , done!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Paint or Not to Paint (our Fireplace)

I have loved and hated our fireplace since day one. I love wood burning fireplaces and I love everything about brick. I actually think this fireplace is really beautiful...BUT...I think it looks overpowering in our small living/family room. I also think (actually I wonder) if painting it would make it less overwhelming (and more crisp).

The decision to paint (or fear of painting) is based on the permanence of painting and the fact that the window sills and woodwork throughout the home are all stained (brown). It is actually one of the things about the house that we love. 

 I have searched the internet looking for pictures of fireplaces that are painted white in rooms with brown stained window casings. I only found a few...

this is probably the closest photo I could find (sorry, have know idea where I found it)

Then I decided to just search for photos of white painted fireplaces that are similar to mine. 

So, after this search I think I am more inclined to consider white washing my fireplace. 
I know, a compromise but I'm still a little scared. 

This is what it will look like:

whiter with some color on the walls

So...what do you think?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Repurpose Series #2 (Spaghetti Jar to Beachy Vase)

I know we are only a few days into Spring but I just can't help but think about Summer. When I think of Summer my minds goes immediately to the Beach...


I have always dreamed of owning and decorating a beach house and am drawn to beachy decor but for now I will just have to decorate my own little cape with bits of it. Here is an inexpensive project to bring that feeling into my home (and yours). Enjoy!

Here are the supplies you need...


SPAY GLUE (or any glue that will hold rope)

 GLASS JAR (cleaned of course)


  1. After cleaning and drying the glass jar, spray with the adhesive and wrap rope from bottom up. 
  2. Cut the ends at an angle so it will blend into the top and bottom of the resting rope.  

  3. Spray on primer. It's okay to miss a spot or too, doesn't need to be completely covered in primer.
  4. Very lightly spray the Almond Satin spray paint. Again, try NOT to cover the entire surface. Just a mist all over should do it.
  5. The rope might loosen where the end is connected so if this happens pull out the old glue gun and zap the areas that are loose.  

  6. Glue on a star fish or shell or whatever makes you think of the beach.

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