Saturday, September 1, 2012


In June 2010 we moved into our 1952 Cape Cod and I have not stopped thinking about, researching, planning, and doing renovations. 

The house is dated but charming so the plan is to update the charm...not always easy. This is a photo that was posted by the realtor when the house was for sale. Notice the overgrown plants and awnings. Will post more about that later (hint, hint...less is sometimes better)


When I saw the fireplace, original wooden front door, and the arches I was sold. Accomplishment #1...we have our forever home.

Accomplishment #2  occurred on January 2nd, 2011, the day we added Buttons to our family. 
She was adopted from ASPCA and joined our other four legged daughter; Chloe. 


Ok, as long as I am posting dogs, I just have to add my grandchildren; Ziggy and Silas.

Accomplishment #3----We got Married !!!


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