Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Very Thrifty Thanksgiving

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Life has been busy here and I have been MIA from this blog but eventually you will see why. For now I will just share a few pics (and crafts) of our very thrifty Thanksgiving celebration. See you all soon, and as always Thanks for Visiting!

My mom gave me her china and Thanksgiving was the first opportunity I had to use it. We had a small gathering of six so the table was my first decorating priority. 

This pic has “thrifty” written all over it. The tin container used as the vase for the flowers and the candle sticks (can only see one in the pic) came from Goodwill. The votive were from our wedding. The glasses were from Burlington Coat Factory (3 piece set for 6 costs just $9.99) and the chargers (can’t really see them in this pic) were from the Dollar Tree. The little turkey salt shaker was on sale for $3 at the gift shop in the hospital I work for. 

Here is the other side of the table. You can see the second candle stick on this side. It is the same color as the other one but different style, also from the thrift store. The votive are from our wedding


Here is another pic of the china. I purchased packages of fabric leaves from the Dollar Tree. The napkins came from Target (they were my splurge). And of course the pine cones came from outside LOL.

 Here is another pic of the flowers that sat on the table. 
Flowers were from Micheal's Craft Store.

 Here are a few other pics from around the house....

Remember my obsession with ceramic turkeys? HERE

I made the vase for our wedding but never used it. It is a glass vase done in gold lame with fabric leaves at the neck. Sorry, wasn't blogging back then so no tutorial on this project. Might be something to consider for the future.  The brown turkey salt and pepper shakers came from the thrift store. 

Remember back when I made the Glass Cloche out of an old sconce and thrift store glass plate turned mercury glass? Well here it is filled with tiny pine cones (from the craft store) and two pilgrim candles I have had for years. 

All three of the above together for Thanksgiving. Remember the Claw Foot table tutorial. I pained over the stenciled design when the weather cooled because it seemed too summery. I think I like it plain better. Hey, a girl can change her mind!  

The chair is from an Estate Sale...I got two! Pillow from Pier One (years ago). Lamp about 20 years old; was cream and I sponged a light layer of stain over it. Sorry no tutorial for that one either. Sometimes I just get so into it I forget I have a!

I found this turkey decoration at the thrift store. It is entirely made out of paper. Very fine craftsmanship. I cannot imagine why some people get rid of things like this.

 The flowers on our living room coffee table (here) were also from our wedding. They sat on the head table. So glad I got married in November.

Ok, I think I covered it all. Hope you enjoyed it. See you next time!

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