Monday, January 20, 2014

The Ultimate Blog Challenge Continues (still trying to catch up)

Blog Post #16
 The One Thing I Do Everyday


Blog Post #17

One Person I'm Glad I Met


Last winter Lucy and I had the opportunity to meet Nicole Curtis as a home show in a nearby city. She was exactly like you see on TV. High energy and passionate about preserving old home. It was like talking with an old friend. If you ever get the chance to meet her take it, you won't be sorry. Especially if you love old homes. 


 If you haven't seen her show, Rehab Addict, you should check it out.

Blog Post #18
 Our (fictitious) celebrity dinner party. 
Who would we each invite?


My husband would invite...
 Quentin Tarantino he could have a conversation discussing what it is that inspires him to make his movies.

My daughter would invite...
Cal Ripken, Jr. talk about what it was like to play baseball for the 
Orioles while working alongside his dad and brother.
File:Cal Ripken Jr. in 1993.jpg 

I would invite...
Suzanne Collins talk about her writing process and inspiration for her books.
 Picture of Suzanne Collins

and of course...
Lucy would invite...
...because she is 2.

Blog Post #19

5 Things I Eat (almost) Every Day 

#1 Yogurt
usually no or low fat vanilla
#2 Chocolate 
at least a small piece like a Hershey's Kiss

#3 Salad
sometimes as a side and sometimes as the meal

#4 Low fat frozen meal
usually for lunch but occasionally for breakfast or dinner

#5 Diet Soda
I know...its not actually something I eat but I drink it every day

Blog Post #20
OK...the brain is running on low a this point so forgive me for being so silly...

What my Facebook post would be about in 5 years;
Announcing that one of my son's in engaged (maybe both)

What my Facebook post would be about in 10 years;
My upcoming party celebrating the completion of my doctorate degree.

What my Facebook post would be about in 15 years;
 Plans for my upcoming retirement and the winter move to Southern California.

What my Facebook post would be about in 20 years;
Something important, funny, fascinating, and/or loving about one of my many many grandchildren. 

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