Monday, September 16, 2013

Change is in the Air

For those who don't know, my husband and I have lived in our 1951 Cape Cottage for a little over 3 years. This is the photograph that was part of the MLS listing.

When we were looking for a home to start our life together I wanted the new townhouse and my husband wanted an older home closer to or small city. He wanted a vintage home in walking distance to shops and particularly to the commuter bus that offers optional transportation into the "big" city where he works. 

He won and I now live in an amazing home that I love more than he does. The one way he got me to agree to give up the new townhouse (with the large finished basement family room with fireplace) was to promise we could modify to reach my standards. Three years later my standards and my original idea of modification has changed. I still want to make some changes but only if the charm of the home remains. So, here we are, three years later and we are starting the first of many projects. 

Project #1 - Walk in Closet (Just for Me)
just a sneak peak for now 

Here was my inspiration photo I found on Houzz...

My before:

My friend and contractor Mike (right) and one of his helpers:

The beginning of the evolution:

I only want to reveal a little bit of what's going on. Notice the light (still covered in the packing plastic). Its a chandelier with pink jewels and it has set the tone of this room. After buying this I actually started calling the closet my Boudoir. Once I purchased the chandelier my creative juices started flowing (ok, pouring) and I now have about a gazillion projects in process.

Here is the first of many. 

Jeweled Glass Jewelry Tray

I created this by using a glass plate from the thrift store (50-cents), plastic gems from the craft store ($4) and gel super glue ($4).

First I arranged the gems on the plate the way I wanted them and then I glued them down
...simple as that!

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